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Friday, February 18, 2011

This is fort that Laura and Chuck made on Monday afternoon after school.  They used an axe, a saw and a shovel to make bricks and stacked them to make about five-foot tall walls.  The kids in our school are participating to make the walls higher.  We like to use the fort as a "pretend" prison and put people in it and watch them try to get out.  The prisoners don't mind being in there, but they act like they're in a real jail.  Also, it's really easy to get out, especially if you're in the 3-5 Class.

Temperature - 40 degrees
Wind Direction - SE
Wind Speed - 1


  1. I wonder if you are going to make an igloo roof - looks really neat

  2. Great Fort! Now you just need a few bars on the jail cell!

    It looks like a very brief period of snow coming in around 7 or 8 am Monday morning...followed by a brief period of freezing rain...then rain by 10 am. Look for about a full inch of rain Monday. Do you have the wireless rain gauges in place?