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Monday, February 28, 2011

Matinicus 2/28/11

Temperature: 36
Wind Speed: 16mph
Wind Direction: SE
Dew Point: 34
Humidity: 94%

Weather Observations:
It is raining outside and there is slush on the ground.
I don't think we will have any planes today.
My walk back to school today was disgusting and my socks are soaked.

Posted by Fiona

Cliff Island School 2/28/11

Temp. °F: 34
Barometer: 29.98 v
Humidity %: 97
Melted Precip. Inches:
Wind Speed MPH: SW/6

Temp. is rising FAST! That means rain and that means snow all gone. :(


Temp 26˚F:
Humidity:91 %
Wind: NNW 1.0 mph
Observations:changing fast snow ! And slushy roads! By Riley


There is a little bit of snow on the ground!
It is winter wonder land
Nice snow for kids to play in!

wind 9mph
temp 35
hum 85%

Posted by Teressa and Brody

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Date 2-24-11
Time 8:05am
Temperature 22 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 0 miles
Wind direction SE
precipitation none
Barometric pressure 30.22 in
Humidity 66%
Have a nice day

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Date 2-23-11
Time 8:04am
Temperature 21 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 4 miles
Wind direction NE
precipitation none
Barometric pressure 30.10 in
Humidity 54%
Have a nice day

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isle au Haut
Time805:: am
wind direction:N
precipitation: none
barometric pressure:29.86
and icy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

This is fort that Laura and Chuck made on Monday afternoon after school.  They used an axe, a saw and a shovel to make bricks and stacked them to make about five-foot tall walls.  The kids in our school are participating to make the walls higher.  We like to use the fort as a "pretend" prison and put people in it and watch them try to get out.  The prisoners don't mind being in there, but they act like they're in a real jail.  Also, it's really easy to get out, especially if you're in the 3-5 Class.

Temperature - 40 degrees
Wind Direction - SE
Wind Speed - 1

Cliff Island School 2/18/11

Temp. °F: 38
Barometer: 29.72v
Humidity %: 96
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: 0

Lots of maple sap!!

Date 2-18-11
Time 8:04am
Temperature 40 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 1 miles
Wind direction SW
precipitation rain
Barometric pressure 29.76 in
Humidity 93%
Have a nice day

no flag because its raining

Test from Chebeague

Just testing!  Our last blog didn't publish.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Matinicus Weather 2/17/11

Long Island School

February 17, 2011

Temp 31.7 ˚F:
Humidity: 56 %
Pressure: 30.01
Wind: N 1.o mph
Observations: Mild with bright sunshine. A great morning for recess outside! By Michael

Cliff Island School 2/17/11

Temp. °F: 30
Barometer: 30.06-
Humidity %: 60
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: 0

Bye-bye snow man!

Frenchboro 2/17

Oh no Frosty melted.

Looks like the snow fort is is to small to go in.

Wind 3
Temp 36
Hum 65%
Only three kids in school today.

Posted by Brody, Saylor , Jayde

Date 2-17-11
Time 7:52am
Temperature 32 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 1 miles
Wind direction SW
precipitation 0
Barometric pressure 30.01in
Humidity 67%
Have a nice day

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

temp: 32
dew point: 17
wind speed: 4
wind direction: SW
cloud type: Cirrostratus

warm and muddy,
kind of sunny,
and breezy! :)

Long Island School

Temp ˚F: 19.3
Humidity: 43 %
Precipitation: 0
Pressure:30.30 in.
Wind:West 4 mph
Observations: The sun is out. There is a little bit of clouds. Not as windy as yesterday.
by Michael

Cliff Island School 2/16/11

Checking sap buckets!!

Temp. °F: 20
Barometer: 30.35^
Humidity %: 44
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: SW/1

Frenchboro 2/16/11

Looks like the snow is melting and the snow fort is getting smaller.

Wind 4
Temp 18
Hum 50%
Wind chill 11
Posted by Brody

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alaska forecast

Hey everybody, it's us, Dalton and Quinn reporting as much weather as we can from up in Alaska!
Temperature: We are estimating lower than 10
Clear skies.
Crisp cold air.
Snow on the ground and we are glad to be in a house.

temp: 22
dew point: 1
wind speed: 5 mph
wind direction: NW
cloud type: Cirrostratus

very windy :(
the snow is frozen:)
and the roads are muddy :/


Temperature: 19
Wind Speed: 18N (gusting to 28)
Humidity: 66%
Barometric Pressure: 29.89 (rising)
Wind Chill: 3
Dew Point: 9

Brrrrrrr! The wind is really whipping. We might have to have indoor recess and play the Wii this morning. Stay warm, everyone!

Cliff Island School 2/14/11

Temp. °F: 17 Sap is fl0wing!
Barometer: 29.98^
Humidity %: 51
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: NW/17

Long Island School

Temp 17˚F:
Humidity: 47%
Wind: W19 mph
Observations:BLINDING BRIGHT SUN WITH ICY COLD WINDS. No outside recess this am. By Michael Dunnigan, Grade K

Date 2-15-11
Time 7:59
Temperature 20 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 10miles
Wind direction E
precipitation o
Barometric pressure 29.82in
Humidity 72%
really cold out

Monday, February 14, 2011

Temp 35.5˚ F:
Humidity: 72%
Wind: NE 0.0mph
Observations: Grey skies, overcast of clouds. No wind. Really hard chucks of snow & ice. Fun playing weather. By Michael Dunnigan, gr K


Temp. °F: 34
Humidity %:83
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: O

Happy Valentine's Day!

Matinicus 2-14-11

Temperature: 39
Dew point: 35
Wind direction: SW
Wind speed:2
Cloud type: Altostratus
Sky is gray
Warm out
Snow is melting

Isle au Haut School

Date 2-14-11
Time 8:14
Temperature 39degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 0 miles
Wind direction E
precipitation o
Barometric pressure 29.44in
Humidity 80%
Happy valentine

Frenchboro 2/14

The weathers warming
up and the snow is starting
to melt.
All the ice is starting to melt
and turn into snow again.
This is mud.

Temp 39
Wind 3
There is no snow/Rain

Posted by Brody and Dylan

Friday, February 11, 2011

Isle au Haut

Temperature= 23 degrees F
Barometric Pressure= 30.01
Precipitation= 0.00
Wind speed= 1
Wind direction= NW
Bright and sunny. Great for sliding down the ice
covered snow banks.

Long Island School

Temp 16.0˚F:
Wind: W4.0 mph
Observations: Bright & Freezing cold!
By Olan Rich