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Monday, January 31, 2011

temp: 21
dew point: -1
wind direction: NW
wind speed: 4
cloud type: Cirrostratus

so bright it hurts our eyes!
clear skies
OK day for hauling.

Cliff Island School 1/31/11

Temp. °F: 14
Barometer: 30.39^
Humidity %: 52
Melted Precip. Inches: 0.0
Snowfall Inches: 0.0
Wind Speed MPH: NW/2

Last Day of January!

We had some beautiful snow this weekend. Lots of skating and hockey was happening at the fire pond. The sun was brilliantly bright on the snow. Mr. Finn kayaked to Swan's Island to go grocery shopping (kookoo!)

Today's Frenchboro Weather:
Temperature: 15 with a wind chill of 1
Wind Speed: 18 mph N
Humidity: 61 %
Our snowboard said we got 4 inches over the weekend.

Have a great week everybody!

Monhegans Forecast 1-31-11

Time 8:09
Temp 16.2 degrees
Wind chill -1 degrees
Wind speed 20.9 MPH
Wind direction North West
Precipitation 0.00 but we have a lot of snow on the ground.
Humidity 64%
Barometric pressure 30.38 and rising
Clear skies
Ocasional white caps
No fog

This will be our only post of our own this week, but we might appear in some of your pictures.

Well our flag is ripped and we are not aloud to put it up
As you can see this is what our weather looks like

Field trip.

Date: 1-31-11
Time:7:52 am
Degrees Fahrenheit: 15
wind speed: ?
wind direction: E
precipitation: none
barometric pressure: 30.28
Humidity: 78%

and sunny!

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Video to Go with our Monhegan Forecast

Here is a video from January 28th forecast! Enjoy!

Monhegans Forecast 1-26/28-11 cause we lost internet

Jan 26
Time: 8:03 am
Temp: 26.7 degrees
Wind speed: 1.4
Wind direction: South
Precipitation: 0.69 inch rain. 2 inches of snow.
Barometric pressure: 30.17
Flat calm
No fog

Too cold to go out side.
The weather for Jan 27 because we were too lazy to write it.
Jan 28
Time: 8:09am
Temp: 28.2 degrees
Wind speed: 1MPH
Wind direction: Northeast
Humidity: 64%
Precipitation: Rain 0.00inch, Snow 0.00inch
Barometric pressure: 29.84inches and going up
Clearing up
Flat calm
No fog

Matinicus 1/28/11

Scarlet is enjoying the sun!

Cirrus clouds today

Absolutely no wind today!

temp: 26
dew point: 19
wind speed: 0
wind direction: no wind direction
cloud type: cirrus

Our reading books will come :)
not too cold

Cliff Island School 1/28/11

Temp. °F: 23
Humidity %: 89
Melted Precip. Inches: 0
Snowfall Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: NW/2

Isle au Haut

Date 1-28-11
Time 8:04
Temperature 16 degrees Fahrenheit
Wind speed 0.2
Wind direction SW
precipitation none
Barometric pressure 29.8 in
Humidity 94%

frenchboro 1/28

cirrus clouds on Frenchboro this morning.
Looks like there is some ice in the harbor this morning.
Look like Frenchboro got some snow.

Temp 22
wind 0
hum 81

posted by Brody

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Matinicus 1/27/11

temp: 27
dew point: 21
wind speed: 7
wind direction: NW
cloud type: stratus

drifting snow
dark clouds
Emma says "Ugly!"
Mr. Duncan took the pictures on his way to school. He accidentally took the second one with the flash on.

Cliff Island School 1/27/11

Temp. °F: 23
Barometer: 29.52
Humidity %: 91
Melted Precip. Inches: 0.07
Snowfall Inches: 1.5
Wind Speed MPH: NW/4

It is snowing as you can see.

Isle au Haut Weather

Date: 1-27-11
degrees fahrenheit 22
wind speed 5
wind direction E/NE
precipitation snowing how much 1-3 inches drifting
barometric pressure 29.37

Frbro 1.27.11

The snow is blowing sideways this morning!

Wind Speed: 29 N
Temp: 22
Humidity: 91%
Snow depth: 1 in.
Melted: .07 (not much snow is getting into the rain gauge due to high winds, and it's very powdery)

It's pretty white out there. The highest recorded gust is 35 for this morning. We have an inch of snow, but it's hard to get a really accurate reading since it's drifting everywhere. Stay warm, everyone!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matinicus 1/26/11

Temperature: 31
Dew point: 27
no snow
Wind speed: 4 mph
Wind direction: NE
Cloud type: stratus

Weather observations:
Can't fly, low visibility

Cliff Island School 1/26/11

Temp. °F: 17
Barometer: 30.16
Humidity %: 87
Melted Precip. Inches: 0.05
Snowfall Inches: 0.42
Wind Speed MPH: NW/3

Frenchboro 1/26

Is this considered cheating???

Isle au Haut

Isle au Haut 1/26/11
no wind today
temp 20
wind speed 0
wind direction E
precipitation 0
barometer 30.10
humidity = 97%

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matinicus 1/25/11

temp: 27
dew point: 23
humidity: 88
wind speed: 2 mph
wind direction: NW
cloud type: stratus

It has been snowing since we woke up today.
We have about 2-3 inches of newly fallen snow.
They are not flying today because of low visibility.

8:34 a.m.
13 fahrenheit
wind speed 0
wind direction E
precipitation snow 1/4 inch
barometric pressure 88%

Cliff Island School 1/25/11

Temp. °F: 10
Barometer: 30.22
Humidity %: 86
Melted Precip. Inches: 0.02
Snowfall Inches: 0.5
Wind Speed MPH: NW/2

It is snowing!

Our Entryway

Frost on the entryway windows! It's not heated in this little room, so we get some serious buildup on these 100 year old original windows!

Frenchboro Forecast 1/25

Today in Frenchboro
Temp: 11
Hum: 73 %
Pressure: 30.32
No wind
Overcast with snow flurries.

Monday, January 24, 2011

matinicus 1/24/11

temp: 7 degrees
wind speed: 2 mph
wind direction: NW

Cirrus clouds
sea smoke
so cold if hurts your face
sunny :)
This is sea smoke down at our Isle au Haut School.
temp. -1 degrees
16 wind speed
wind direction N/NE
precipitation 0
Barometric pressure 30.21in
Humidity 70%
It is really cold.

Cliff Island 1/24/11

Temp. °F: -3
Barometer: 30.33
Humidity %: 62
Melted Precip. Inches: 0.11
Snowfall Inches: 0
Wind Speed MPH: NW/6

Monhegan Forecast 1/24/11

To windy to put flags up.

Even when Quinn's all bundled up it's still cold!

Millie says, "Always bring a sweater in this type of weather."

To much sea smoke!!

Time: 8:25
Temperature:-0.3 (-26 with wind chill)
Wind speed: 20.4
Wind direction: N/NW
Precipitation: 0.00
Humidity: 79%
Barometric pressure:30.35

Sea smoke causing low visibility , 40% chance of the boat running, Sun shinning, below 0, frostbite and hypothermia are possible

Sea Smoke this morning!

1/24/11 Fbro

Brrrrrrr! It is a wee bit chilly out!

Temp: -3
Windchill: -14
Wind speed: 8
Wind Direction: N
Barometric Pressure: 30.29

This is the coldest recorded temp out here. Last night the weather station recorded -21 wind chill! It's very sunny with clear skies.

Friday, January 21, 2011

From Matinicus

As of 3:30 pm the temperature has dropped 10 degrees in two hours.

Matinicus 1-21-11

This is a link to a video of the weather on Matinicus this morning.

This is a link to a video of the weather on Matinicus this afternoon.

We are getting a lot of snow today! The wind has just picked up and is gusting to about 20mph. The video was taken this morning. The picture of the wharf was taken at lunch. The water is on the wharf at the end. The picture on the left was just taken. We have 6 inches of snow.
Isle au Haut 1/21/11
It's snowing here!!
Snow depth at 2:00pm is 5 1/2 inches.
Yes, we had school today!

Monhegan Storm Update 1-21-11

The time is now 1:11pm. We have at LEAST seven inches of snow (even though it is hard to tell because it is SO windy!) Our alarm on our receiver keeps going off because the winds have reached 33 mph! It is a complete white out!!!

Our flag is now flying full force!

White out through town.

Our snowy little school.

Whoops... lost the flag.